August 26 Prayer Points

August 26, 2021

Celebration of All Abilities

This is a moment for Paralympians to shine and be celebrated. The Paralympics can make a big impact on the next generation of athletes with disabilities. It can result in a paradigm shift not just in Japanese society, but around the world in terms of how people with disabilities are seen. There will be many people with disabilities and their families watching the Games who will be inspired
to not give up.

  • Pray that parents may be motivated to see their kid’s potential to play sports and do many other things in life.
  • Pray for people to see and celebrate the potential of Paralympic athletes and to be inspired by their stories of faith and courage to overcome adversity and prejudice.

Watch a one-minute video introduction to all-ability sports here.

Workplace Pressure

Many Japanese workplaces exert relentless pressure on their workers. Permanent employees are often expected to work long hours and put the company before family and personal life. This lifestyle can affect mental and emotional health, and even be a cause of suicide or death by overwork (karoshi).

  • Pray for company leaders to prioritize taking care of their workers.
  • Pray for Christians to have wisdom to balance the demands of work with family, church, and rest.

It is overwhelming to think about the impact of COVID on Japan’s workplaces. Pray for God’s way forward in the complex pressures that individuals, companies, and industries are facing.

* This is an adapted excerpt from Beneath the Surface: 30 ways to pray for Japan. Used with permission. See the resource for the full text.

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