September 04 Prayer Points

September 4, 2021

After the Games

The vision of the Japanese International Sports Partnership (JiSP) was to use the Olympics and Paralympics as a catalyst for mission after the Games and to inspire and equip Christians toward outreach in Japan.

Since the Rugby World Cup in 2019, JiSP has been building Community Partnership Teams (CPTs) in prefectures across Japan to work together in reaching their prefecture for Christ. Our dream is for a CPT in all 47 of Japan's prefectures.

Give thanks that we currently have coordinators in over half of the prefectures and 14 functioning CPTs across Japan.

  • Pray that we will be able to build 500 city teams that are committed to reaching 2,000 people each by 2024. We're working toward a vision of seeing 10 million Christians by 2024.
  • Pray that the CPTs will initiate contact with churches and believers in neighboring prefectures to encourage them to start their own teams. Pray for the multiplication of CPTs across Japan.

Jesus is the Only Savior

It is said that there are 8 million gods in Japan. There are statues, festivals, shrines, and temples dedicated to specific gods. There are also the invisible gods in our hearts – gods of money, power, success, and more. There are also things we turn to, to “save” us when we’re not doing well – alcohol, TV, shopping, and more.

  • Let us proclaim that Jesus is the only Savior. Let’s turn from other gods and saviors, and pray this for Japan as well.
  • Let’s lift up the name of Jesus as the only God who deserves the place of worship in our hearts and in the hearts of Japanese people, and the only Savior to turn to in times of need.
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