August 25 Prayer Points

8月 25, 2021

The Paralympic Village

Inside the Olympic Village, Paralympians must be tested daily and cannot speak in confined spaces such as elevators. Even when eating meals, everyone has to stay two meters away from
each other. Athletes can only be in the village for four days before their events and for two days after their events.

  • Pray for everyone in the Village to have a willing heart to follow the rules and protocols established for the safety of the Games.
  • Pray for the needs of blind and visually impaired athletes to be met, particularly in terms of resources in braille and audio media.
  • Pray for safety and that COVID will not break out in the Athletes’ Village.
  • Pray for opportunities for Christians in the Village to share their faith with wisdom, grace, and love.

Tokyo, Japan’s Capital City

Tokyo, the host city of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, is also Japan’s capital. Tokyo is the hub for Japan’s banking, transportation, and broadcasting industries. The city showcases some of the best attractions, food, and comforts that the world has to offer. About a third of Japan’s population lives in the greater Tokyo area.

  • Pray for more churches and servant leaders to reach the millions living in Tokyo.
  • Pray for the gospel to become more visible in this busy megacity and for its message of truth and grace to move people’s hearts in ways that all the pleasures of Tokyo cannot.

* This is an adapted excerpt from A 20/20 Vision for Japan: Prayer for the Japanese. Used with permission. See the resource for the full text.



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