August 30 Prayer Points

8月 30, 2021

Top Level Athletes

Many of the top Paralympian athletes may have a large influence in their country. Those who follow them on social media watch their words and behavior closely. The pressure from the team, coach, officials, sponsors, public, media, family, and peers is sometimes very large.

  • Pray for top athletes to know their value and identity are in Christ alone.
  • Pray that athletes show character on and off the field and do not compromise their values, beliefs, disciplines, and positive attitudes.
  • Pray for Christian top-level athletes to reflect the glory and character of God through their talents, skills, and lifestyle in such a way that their peers and fans feel encouraged to become disciples of Jesus.
  • Pray for more Christian workers to be equipped globally to serve this extremely specific group.

Steadily Planting Gospel Seeds

Evangelism can seem intimidating for many Japanese people. They are unsure if they know enough to share the gospel, and fear saying the wrong thing. Social pressures encourage them to keep silent. However, showing and sharing the gospel is a lifestyle, not an event or task. It is a steady process of life-giving conversations, building relationships of trust, and invitations.

  • Pray that Christians in Japan will not look down or forsake small and steady efforts to share the gospel. Any step closer to Christ is a significant one!
  • Pray against doubt and discouragement, of Christians feeling like their small efforts won’t make a difference. Pray that they will faithfully plant gospel seeds in people’s lives and experience the joy of the Lord.


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