August 31 Prayer Points

agosto 31, 2021


In previous Paralympics, churches have played a role in hosting families that could never afford a hotel in an Olympic city. Not this time. Many parents have sacrificed countless hours over many years to support their son or daughter to prepare for the Games, but are not able to be there.

A recent survey of Paralympic athletes pointed to the importance of family members for their motivation, self-esteem, and positive thoughts about themselves and the future.

  • Pray for families and friends as they support from a distance and grieve not being there in person.
  • Pray for God to provide others, especially Christians, who can support and encourage them during the Games and be like family to them.

Japanese Overseas

In 2019 more than 1.3 million Japanese were living abroad. It is estimated that every year nearly 1,000 Japanese people become Christians overseas. This is a high percentage compared to those living in Japan. Churches and Christian home-stay families around the world have an amazing opportunity to welcome Japanese people and share the gospel with them.

  • Pray for churches and ministries outside Japan as they seek to reach out to Japanese people.
  • Pray that Japanese people living overseas would be open to the gospel and meet believers who can lead them to Christ.

* This is an adapted excerpt from Beneath the Surface: 30 ways to pray for Japan. Used with permission. See the resource for the full text.

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