September 02 Prayer Points

setembro 2, 2021

Inclusion in Churches

Many Japanese churches are often unaware of how they can help people with disabilities. Churches don’t always have funds or resources to help welcome people with disabilities. There may not be a ramp to enter a church building and churches may not be wheelchair friendly.

  • Pray that Japanese churches would consider how to make church, worship, and discipleship accessible and participatory for individuals with disabilities. For example, to support those who are blind or visually impaired when they cannot see words on a screen or in a hymnal.
  • Pray for churches in Japan to intentionally find ways to integrate people with disabilities into sports and play.

Region of Kyushu

Kyushu is the southernmost region of Japan, including the islands of Okinawa prefecture. This region is where Christianity has its longest roots, starting with the Jesuits’ arrival in 1549, and some of its most painful history.

  • Fukuoka is the major city in this region. Pray for God to strengthen churches and give a vision for ministry throughout Kyushu. There is a particular need for church planting in Saga prefecture.
  • Natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, and mudslides occur in most regions of Japan. Pray for Christian centers like the Kyushu Christ Disaster Relief Center that coordinates churches and volunteers to help with relief work and donations.

* This is adapted from Operation Japan, 5th edition. Used with permission. See the resource for the full text.

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