September 01 Prayer Points

September 1, 2021

Coaches and Support Staff

Support staff is crucial at any event, but especially at the Paralympics. Many are dedicated experts helping athletes perform at their best.

Athletes who are blind or have low vision need professionals to support them in a variety of ways, including sometimes running alongside them. The staff that works behind the scenes spends a lot time with the athletes. Athletes and coaches often trust them and open their hearts to them.

  • Pray for God to give the support staff wise, serving, and supportive hearts to serve athletes in this context.
  • Pray for those who are Christians to be ambassadors of Christ through their actions, words, and relationships.
  • Pray for more Christians equipped to serve as coaches and support staff in Japan and around the world.

Region of Shikoku

Shikoku is a separate smaller island of Japan, made up of four rural prefectures. Most people live in the north of the region, while the larger southern area is mountainous and sparsely populated.

  • Thank God for the fellowship, cooperation, and prayer between pastors and churches in this region, and pray that this continues.
  • Churches in rural areas, as compared to urban ones, have their own specific concerns. Churches may be aging or declining due to demographic changes. Many of them may be without pastors or in need of renewal. Pray for God’s encouragement and provision for churches in rural areas of Japan.

* This is adapted from Operation Japan, 5th edition. Used with permission. See the resource for the full text.

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