2022 Missions

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were set to be a historic moment for Japan. The Japan International Sports Partnership (JiSP) launched a momentous vision for the games – seeing 1 million Japanese people become friends of Jesus.

In January 2020, responding to the vision of the JiSP, the International Sports Federation (ISF) had nearly 500 people committed to bring hope and a spirit of celebration to Japan. As we all too aware the virus brought everything to an abrupt halt.

ISF began to regroup for 2021, but again no visitors would be allowed in. That put an end to our plans again for 2021.

Undeterred we are committing again to the vision. Next summer (2022), we aim to mobilize at least 500 people into teams to work with churches across Japan. We will be connecting with those we had hoped to serve with in 2020 and 2021, as well as with new connections.

Here’s your invitation to join us for two possible opportunities:

(1) Sport Specific Community and School Engagement - June 20-30, 2022

If you are an athlete or coach, or would just like to bring a team of sports people to Japan, then we’re inviting you. We can run sports clinics and become part of local schools and communities through your skills in sport. Connect with us at [email protected] or visit https://missiontojapan2021.com.

(2) Community Festivals and Local Church Collaboration - July 21-31, 2022

Are you ready to make kids the stars in cities and towns across Japan? Festivals display the values of the kingdom. They are a fun and creative way to connect to local Japanese communities and to connect those we meet with local churches. They’re the first step in the mentoring journey! We can’t wait to celebrate with you! For more about festivals: [email protected] or visit https://missiontojapan2021.com.

You’re invited! Next summer, full of hope, we’ll sing, dance, run, and play!

To join the team or learn more go to https://missiontojapan2021.com/.

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