4 Sept Gen Destiny

Generation of Destiny Recording
4th September 2021

Generation  of Destiny – Sat Sept 4th – 8pm-10pm (Japan)

“When two of you get together on anything…and make a prayer of it,
My Father in heaven goes into action.”   Matthew 18:19 MSG

Saturday 4th September, the day before the Paralympics conclude we are inviting young people, (up to 35 years) from across the globe to come together for a giant Zoom and Youtube Live Worship & Prayer meeting.

Plus lots more!


God is igniting Japan’s “Next Generation” to pray. This is a Japanese-wide prayer initiative; gatherings in small groups to pray for revival. It’s starting small like a mustard seed. We’ll watch it grow.

JOIN US! - to Worship and Pray Together for Revival in Japan!

We’re inviting “Next Generation” Christians from around the world to be part of this unique gathering for what is likely to be a special 'Kairos' moment for the Church in Japan. Jump on the call and support Japanese Christians as they gather together to worship, pray and seek God.

Sign up to Join us Online or watch the event livestream HERE

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Share your encouragements and insights, photos, or videos from your time of prayer through this Google Form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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