JiSP (Japan International Sports Partnership), a coalition of sports ministries in Japan, set a goal of reaching one million Japanese people during the Olympic season. In the midst of an ongoing global pandemic, every door seemed to close.

One door remained open….the door to prayer. Is this not what God asked of us at this time? Committed prayer is needed for significant spiritual breakthrough in Japan.

So began Japan1million. A million hours of prayer during the Olympic and Paralympics. A partnership between JiSP and Japanese missionaries.

In 2014 a Japanese Pastor received a vision from God. By 2024 there would be 10 million believers in Japan. He and we believe prayer is the most effective way to see this vision unfold across Japan. Here is your invitation to join us and pray for the spiritual transformation of Japan.

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The Japan international Sports Partnership (JiSP) is just that—a partnership, not an organization. Our vision is to see the church in Japan grow to 10 million Christians by 2024 and we believe sports has a role to play in that.

Over 78% of Japanese people are involved in sport at some level. Our mission is to connect churches with each other and with their local communities, and connect people to God via sports and community outreach.

Our prayer is that each church that gets involved will bless its local community and grow its sports ministry.

Welcome to Japan 1 Million.

It’s been eight years since 2013 when the Tokyo Games were decided, and at JiSP (Japan international Sports Partnership) we had been preparing for a variety of outreach events.

Due to COVID all of those doors have been shut. But there is one door left that shall never be shut. And that is prayer.

It is as though God is guiding us to focus on this door of prayer. God has one purpose: for God to move in Japan and do the work that he alone can do.

Will you join us in this time of intercession and become a witness to the wonders that await us on the other side of prayer?

Keishi Ikeda
Keishi Ikeda
Japan Evangelical Church Association,
Hongodai Christ Church Senior Pastor
JiSP Olympic/Paralympic Director

The Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA) networks and equips its over 1,000 members to make disciples of Jesus Christ through its leadership team, ministries, and endorsed ministries.

JEMA is composed of over 40 Japan based mission agencies and their personnel, other missionaries or tentmakers, and individuals living outside Japan who are interested in reaching Japanese people for Christ.

When we align our hearts with God's heart through prayer, it increases our burden for the lost and fuels and renews our passion to preach Christ. Prayer is our greatest labor of love.
Nathan Snow
Nathan Snow
JEMA President
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