PRAY4TK2020 –100万時間と100万KM

8月 23, 2021

Sport and Fitness and Praying for Tokyo!

PRAY4TK2020 is a movement that aims to encourage God's people, the Church of Jesus around the world, to associate the healthy practice of physical activity with prayer and encouragement during the Games in Tokyo.



Download the full presentation PDF
Download the full presentation PDF

Our goals:

1 million hours and 1 million kilometers

We would like to have people praying all over the world during their workouts. It doesn't matter if you are cycling, jogging or working out at the gym, you can pray for Tokyo and everything that will be happening there during the games.

PRAY4TK2020 – 1 Million Hours and 1 Million KMs


The Games are happening! That is an unchangeable fact. And how can the Church of Jesus work in this moment and in this unprecedented context?

For the first time in history, the church will not be able to perform face-to-face in the sports competition areas of the Games, nor will the missionary teams be able to come to Japan to serve with the local church.

However, the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental pressure is huge on each of our brothers, who are somehow playing in the Games.

The Bible states that a righteous man's prayer is powerful and effective. And best of all, it can be carried out anywhere in the world and get to Japan without needing a visa, resource, or any other obstacle.

Do join us!

How you can get involved...

PRAY4TK2020 – 1 Million Hours and 1 Million KMs


a physical activity (walking, running, cycling, swimming, crossfit, volleyball, soccer, etc.) to be done daily during the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Take time

to pray for the Games before, during or after the activity.


your time and/or mileage using our form here.

Our prize

The glory and power of God manifested through the unity of his church.

More info or to get in contact with us.

PRAY4TK2020 – 1 Million Hours and 1 Million KMs
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